Drawer unit

PR.4818 V109

Country of Origin

Length: 50
Width: 41
Height: 64

Minimal assembly

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Estimated order time: 3 months.

**Wood Surfaces **
**Do** keep it clean. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean wood furniture on a weekly basis.
**Do** keep wood products away from heat and cooling sources. Heat and cooling sources may cause loss of
moisture and warping of the product. Keep clear of open flame and fire.
**Do** protect your furniture from accessories. Use felt backing on lamps and other accessories to prevent
scratches and gouges, and rotate accessories so they do not remain in the same spot all of the time.
**Do** use coasters and protective mats. To prevent scratches from sharp objects and etching from liquids that
contain alcohol or citrus juices, use coaters or protective, liquid resistant mats.
**Do** Use trivets or mats under hot dishes or cookware. Hot cookware can mare the beauty of your wood table if
not placed on a trivet or mats made from a heat resistant material. 
**Do** use place-mats. China, ceramics, silver or other objects may scratch the wood surface if not placed on a
protective material.
**Do** get professional cleaning help when needed.
**Don’t** place newspapers or magazines on wood surfaces. The ink from these items may bleed into the finish
and could damage the wood.

**Don’t** expose your wood to direct sunlight. Keep furniture out of direct sunlight to prevent fading or darkening
of wood furniture.
**Don’t** use abrasives or harsh chemicals on wood furniture.