Task chair

PR.4857 V107

Country of Origin

Length: 65 cm
Width: 65 cm
Height: 120 cm

Minimal assembly

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Estimated order time: 2 to 3 months.

5 Years, 2 Years for Fabrics.

**Upholstered furniture:**
\- Clean with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush.
\- Stains should be removed immediately with a damp cloth and upholstered furniture cleaning liquid. Always use proven cleaners according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Important information regarding stain removal:
\- Clean the stain as quickly as possible – ideally before the stain soaks into the ‑bre.
\- Majority of stains can be removed with lukewarm water, especially using a detergent for dish washing with neutral pH.
\- If the liquid reappears on the surface of the fabric, press a dry cloth or a kitchen towel against the surface to soak in the dump and dirt.
\- Avoid wetting as it may damage the material under the fabric.
\- Never rub too hard to remove the stain.
\- Always use a clean white cotton cloth with a little bit of detergent.

\- Clean with a damp cloth.
\- In the event of deep bruises to the topcoat of the paint, the place must be protected against moisture using mortar varnish. If corrosion has occurred at the site of damage, clean the metal of rust beforehand.