Modular Seatings & sofas

PR.4918 V107

Country of Origin

Length: 62 cm
Width: 62 cm
Height: 76 cm

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Estimated order time: 2 to 3 months.

5 Years, 2 Years for Fabrics.

**Upholstered furniture:**
\- Clean with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush.
\- Stains should be removed immediately with a damp cloth and upholstered furniture cleaning liquid. Always use proven cleaners according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

**Wood: **
\- Use a soft cloth, preferably from natural ‑bers, to clean the wood.
\- Avoid wet cleaning. It is allowed to use a slightly damp cloth. Wipe dry after cleaning.
\- The humidity of the air in the room in which the furniture is located should be 40 – 60%
\- For cleaning only use agents marked as intended for the care of wooden surfaces

**Plywood: **
\- Clean stains with a slightly damp cloth.
\- Use delicate materials to avoid damaging the surface