Executive chairs , Black

INV.4625.NW 41 - Charcoal V109

Country of Origin

Length: 70 cm
Width: 56 cm
Height: 120 cm

Minimal assembly

1,500.00 SR

Estimated order time: 3 months.

5 Years from date of delivery for Seating mechanism, adjustable arms, framework, and seating foam

**Fabric Surfaces **
**Do** keep it clean. Dust and vacuum often. Even if your upholstery does not see much use, the abrasive action
of dirt and dust particles can wear the fibers of your upholstery. Damp-dust arms and headrest areas with a
cleaning solution to prevent body oil accumulation on the upholstery fabric.
**Do** avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Direct prolonged exposure to the sun will cause any material to fade.
**Do** stay away from heat. Keep furniture at least 12” away from radiators and other heat sources. Avoiding
intense heat will help prevent fabric from drying and possibly cracking. Keep clear of open flame and fire. 
**Do** avoid placing newspapers directly on upholstery. The newsprint may smear and transfer ink dye onto the
leather. This is true of all upholstery.
**Do** get professional cleaning help when needed. Periodic professional cleaning will keep soil accumulation
from marring the beauty of your upholstery.
**Do** clean up spills quickly. Fabric upholstery can become permanently stained if food/liquid spills are not
cleaned up immediately. If spills do occur, attend to them quickly, remembering to blot, rather than rub the
**For a liquid spill:**
- Blot lightly with a soft, lint-free cloth to start. Increase pressure and use a fresh cloth until no more liquid is absorbed. Do Not Rub.
**For solid or semi-solid spills (such as food):**
- Gently lift the substance from the upholstery with a spoon or spatula, scraping carefully toward the center of the spill. Treat any wet residue as a liquid spill. If residue remains, contact a professional cleaner.
**For dry spills (such as ashes or dry cosmetics):**
- Adding any liquid to a normally dry substance, such as ashes or dry cosmetics, may cause a permanent stain. Vacuum, beat the area with a ruler or similar “tool”, vacuum again, and then use the adhesive side of masking tape to remove any residue. If the residue remains, contact a professional cleaner.

**Don’t** cover your upholstery with dark-colored blankets, sheets, etc. The dyes can rub off onto your upholstery
when dry or bleed when wet.
**Don’t** use dyes, paints, inks and nail polish on or around your upholstery. These substances can and will alter
the color of your upholstery causing permanent stain or discoloration.  

**Polypropylene & molded Epoxy Coated Surfaces **
**Do** keep it clean. Dust regularly to avoid dirt build-up. Regular cleaning can be done with mild soap and water,
or any commercial window glass cleaner using a soft, lint-free cloth.
**Do** be gentle. Using abrasive materials or cleansers to clean polypropylene will scratch the surface.