Executive desk

PR.5205 V177

Country of Origin

Length: 240 cm
Width: 90 cm
Height: 74 cm

Professional assembly

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Estimated order time: 3 months.

3 years for workmanship, materials and parts

**General use, safety recommendations**
1. Do not let your children play with any of the mechanisms included in your product. To keep your children safe, do not let them play or jump on the product as this may cause a risk of falling and injury.
2. Keep your product at least 1.5 m away from heat sources such as heaters, electric stoves or solid-fuel heating stoves.
3. Keep your product away from dust, moisture and direct sunlight.
4. Do not place any materials and devices which may cause heat damage on and/or near your product (such as iron, hot teapot etc.).
5. Do not drag your product when relocating it. Pick up and carry your product safely, avoiding any contact or carry it after disassembling it. Do not carry your product by holding from accessories such as armrests and/or movable parts.
6. Do not pull and break off the stitching on your product. Cut elaborately using scissors and avoid cutting at the bottom.
7. Do not use the products for any purposes other than those intended. For example; do not use them as a stair for reaching a high place, putting up curtains, replacing a lamp etc.
8. In order to avoid from interfering with your product’s center of gravity; keep any moving mechanisms closed (such as drawers and covers) when not in use. Do not open all such features at the same time.
9. Do not carry the product by holding moving parts (e.g. covers, drawers). Units with drawers should not be carried horizontally towards the drawer side.
10. Do not apply forward-back or lateral loads when using your chairs. Make sure that the chair stands in balance.
11. Use the office chairs on the floor types stated in the operating instructions of this user manual & warranty certificate. Our products are not suitable for outdoor use.
12. Office chair castors are manufactured with hard plastic material and not suitable for use on outdoors and rugged surfaces.
13. Do not apply load/weight/press/impact on the products over the carrying capacity stated in the instructions for use of this user manual & warranty certificate.
14. In pile fabrics, ground or back of the pile weaves may be perceived as a color difference in the fabric. This is a natural result of the fabric structure and has nothing to do with fabric quality.
15. Fabrics and leathers which manufactured in separate times may vary color differences. In the event of an additional piece for any product or a part of the fabric is changed, there may be tint differences between the previous and new fabric and/or leather.
16. There may be color and pattern differences in wooden products. Although the same process is applied to all, due to the natural characteristics of the wood, tonal difference may occur based on the age of the tree, the vein structure, the climate in which it grows and should not be perceived as a mistake.
17. Different upholstery techniques (sheated, quilted and stretched etc.) are used in different models. Therefore, the loose or tight upholstery in models is among the features of that model.

**Please follow the warnings below for cleaning.**
1. Clean the product using a special furniture cleaner or appropriate cleaning cloth moistened with liquid soap or water.
2. Do not use cleaners with acidic and basic content or paint thinner.
3. Promptly wipe any hot or cold liquids spilling on the surface of your furniture and then dry.
4. Parts coated with chromium and nickel do not change color or rust in moisture-free environments. Therefore, if you clean your products with Damp wipes, you should wipe them dry afterwards.
5. There may be shade differences in natural wooden materials due to nature of wood. This maybe caused by factors such as age and vessel structure of the wood or the climate it was grown in. Shade differences occurring as a result of this should not be taken as a defect.
6. Avoid sticking stickers, labels and/or posters product surfaces as they may cause permanent damage to the product.
7. Glass compartments of products with glass lids should be opened and closed slowly and carefully.
8. Do not force leather coated products at joints to avoid tearing. Do not contact leather coated products with sharp objects.